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Your customers rely on you to be successful. You can rely on KUDU to help you increase sales and efficiency. Using closely integrated applications, communication across organizations can be faster than ever with KUDU. Our mobile and web applications allow sales teams to have more capabilities to control the customer journey and ensure successful delivery. From the office or mobile app, the sales team can go fast, with all information at their fingertips for quick estimates, quotes and signed sales orders within minutes. While work is in progress, KUDU can keep track of all activity and changes with a chatter log, ensuring nothing is ever missed. Your executive team has real-time access to key performance indicators, such as sales, cash flow and overdue bills. With KUDU, you can do business the way that works for you!

Empower your sales teams with the right tools at their fingertips

Integrated warehouse management shows real-time inventory levels

Quickly invoice customers with the click of a button

Manage everything in one workspace

Data is quickly accessible from anywhere. While working on a sales order you can quickly access the customer or product details for more information without ever closing the original document. KUDU is also closely integrated with many outside applications that can be driven without ever having to leave our system.

Save time with easy automations

Skip the tedious data entry and repetitive tasks. KUDU creates effective synergies across departments removing the need for spreadsheets and other outside tools. With automated schedules KUDU executes certain tasks with no input from the user, reducing the time spent on redundant tasks.

Reach customers faster than ever

KUDU is able to integrate directly with Microsoft Exchange and Google Workspace allowing seamless engagement with customers. Whether through emails or managing time through your calendar quickly communicate about meetings, quotations, signatures, and invoices from a single source.


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